About Us

Numerous events in the past have changed the way we perceive the world. Nothing has been left untouched and people all over the world have questions that need to be answered. We don't claim to have all the answers but we are positive that we can help you reach them.

The Centre for Peace began as a platform for the intellectual exchange of spiritual wisdom between people, irrespective of their religion. It has today evolved into as NGO which holds promoting peace as its foremost mission.

For Muslims, the Centre for Peace offers them the chance to rediscover Islam and understand its tenets better, based on literature written by erudite scholars with a modern view and scientific approach. Most importantly, they can realize that Islam stands for peace.

People of other faiths are also welcome to speak to our team if they feel the need to discuss the concepts of peace and spirituality in Islam.

Peace is for all mankind. We believe that every person should strive for Peace, irrespective of religion. Peace is always desirable for its own sake. In the words of Maulana Wahiduddin Khan, " A peaceful world is like paradise. Only in such a world can we meet and establish contact with God, Creator of Man, and the Universe".

(Maulana Wahiduddin Khan is a spiritual scholar who heads the centre for Peace & Spirituality, New Delhi)